Monday, January 28, 2013

Mani Monday - Water Marble edition!

Surely you've seen water marble nail art by now! I, too, had many failed attempts when the water marble craze seemed to be at its height early last year, but eventually I got the hang of it! I felt like it had been sooooo long since the last time I did this, so I went for it again! For this manicure, I used "Gilded Angel", Zoya "Blaze", and Essie "Butler Please". 

I started with 1 thin coat of Gilded Angel, this would be the 'backdrop' of the marble where most people use white. (Note: I did try to use both GA and Annual Emotion in the water, but they dry too quickly!) 

Next, you're going to use some tape to cover around your fingers and nail beds, this will make cleanup easier! I've seen people use everything from glue to watercolor frisket, so feel free to be creative here! 

Next, set yourself up with the polishes you'll be using, a small cup or bowl with room temperature water, and some napkins or paper towels. You'll also want something with a pointy edge to do your swirling!

You're going to alternate drops of polish slowly into the water, I only did about 3-4 drops each time, as I wanted the gold to show through in the end.

Next, take your pointy tool of choice and swirl! Be as creative as you'd like, but moderation is key!

You are essentially creating a film on the surface of the water, much like what forms on your nails after the solvents evaporate! So, one at a time, dip your nails onto the film with some care as to the placement of the swirls. Sink it into the water and then slowly pull your finger out without touching more of the polish on the surface of the water. It should look like this!

And here is the whole set:

Looks pretty messy, right? Go on ahead and get that tape off, it'll look slightly better.

This might be perfectly ok for some (and admittedly, the excess polish will probably rub off as you do dishes or wash your hair) but for the perfectionist, you'll want to grab your favorite polish remover and a bristled brush:

A nice and quick clean around the edges of the nail bed and you're all set!

Almost done! Just top it off with a swipe of top coat and now you have easy nail art that looks like a work of art!

Have you tried water marbling yet? What did you think of it? How did it come out? Feel free to share some links or pictures below!

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  1. I've been water marbling quite a bit lately! A friend gave me this tip you might want to try if there are colors you want to use but they coagulate too quickly--several drops of acetone in the water will slow that down :)

    My favorite water marble successes from last week! I can't believe I taught in these ^^;