Monday, January 21, 2013

A Valentine's Day Gift from Rainbow Honey

Starting January 25th and running as long as supplies last, shop on our website and you can receive a free bottle of our special limited edition Valentine's Day Gift Lacquers! Final details will be available on our website.

For these gifts, I chose two very special pieces of music that I absolutely love. "Dearly Beloved" is an instrumental piece from the Kingdom Hearts series of video games:

"Dearly Beloved" is meant for layering and includes various shades and sizes of gold shimmer, gold microglitter, and red hearts and squares. It's really a very special combination! Shown below is 1 coat over black and over Be Mine on accent. 

The second gift polish is a bit more playful! I'm a huge fan of The Bird and The Bee and "My Love" is easily one of my favorite songs of theirs:

I absolutely adore how Inara and co. are straight up dancing in confetti and glitter at the end! "My Love" also serves well for layering and is made up of gold glitter and flakes, white and pink hearts, and a multitude of iridescent glitters accented by a strong iridescent pink shimmer. Shown below, as modeled by my lovely little sister, is one coat over Be Mine and over black on accent. 

L-R: "Dearly Beloved" over black, white; "My Love" over black, white;

You'll also note that each bottle is numbered! Each bottle coming straight from Rainbow Honey will be marked #XX - we've also sent bottles to our Retail Partners so look for them to announce this special gift too!

And to make this even sweeter, while we prepare for the web launch of The Sweet Talk Collection on January 25th we are giving away 3 sets of "Dearly Beloved" and "My Love"!

We really hope you enjoy these special gifts! The giveaway will run until the shop update this Friday, January 25th, and then we will be offering these gifts with select purchases. 


  1. Will we also be able to purchase them? I just bought a ton of your polishes in the sale, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of these, so I would love to be able to purchase just these two!! :)
    -Olivia F.

  2. <3 the Bird and the Bee!! I need My Love!!

  3. I own everything you have made so I have nothing to be able to order! lol They are very pretty though

  4. So excited for the launch of the valentine's polishes and now the news of these two beauties just amped up the excitement!! They look amazing, great job as always Rainbow Honey!

  5. Man, I thought I was excited for the Sweet Talk collection but this news just made me anxious! Hope I can get these one way or another!!!! I always try to push my purchases so I can get free shipping (always results in me spending more, haha) but I am starting to run out, I have almost all your collections!

  6. Yay! I'm so glad you've sent some to your retail partners too so that everyone has a chance of getting one. I love these! *crosses fingers*

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