Monday, May 28, 2012

Equestria Nail Art Contest - Winners!

I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to participate and vote, and a special thanks to our bloggers - this wouldn't have been possible without you!
*** As a reminder, the total number of votes includes likes on Facebook and votes through the blog  as of 11:59 PM EST last night ***

Without further ado, in 3rd place with a total of 129 votes: Marci's Nails!

Marci wins the 7ml Equestria Collection!

In 2nd place with a total of 171 votes: Beauty Shoes Nails & Fun!

Yoha also wins the 7ml Equestria Collection!

In 1st place with a total of 179 votes, and winner of a full size set of the Equestria Collection:!

As an extra thank you, all participants will receive a $5 Gift Certificate towards current or future orders! I'll be in contact with all participants later today! And thanks again to all of you!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Equestria Collection - Swatches, Part 2

The Element of Magic, over WnW Black Creme on accent
Thoughts: I didn't own very many purple nail polishes, so I wear purple even less, but this one has really won me over. This is two thin coats and just one over the black. Really loving that blue shift!

A Little Kindness, over WnW Black Creme on accent
Thoughts: Like in Pinkie Promise, the iridescent shimmer really pops over anything darker than the soft yellow base. No undies on everything else, just two coats. And let me tell you, for such a soft and delicate polish in the bottle it is bling-tastic in the sun! 

Hoof Wrassle, over WnW Black Creme on accent
Thoughts: Would you believe I only had one orange polish in my collection? If you find yourself thinking, "you know, I don't normally like orange polish, but..." I am right there with you! And I loved, loved, loved wearing Hoof Wrassle. Every time I looked at it I would either squee at the square glitters or guffaw at the combination of tiny red and green hex's resembling a certain cutie mark. 

I've gotten a lot of comments on this one looking like a great Halloween shade over black, what do you think?

And, you know....there will be a Part 3 soon enough ;)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Updates and Equestria Collection Pre-Orders

Hi everyone! I spent the past week going over the numbers from your orders and all I can say is WOW! Over 200 of you ordered the full size collection and nearly 500 of you placed orders. In short, we have 2000+ bottles of polish to make and that will start this coming week:

Equestria Collection Timeline

Tentative and subject to change as needed.

Monday, May 21 - Invoicing will begin for Round 1 of orders
Wednesday, May 23 - Production begins for Round 1
Friday, May 25 - Shipping begins for Round 1 as payments are received/cleared
Monday, May 28 - Catch-up on Round 1 / Invoicing for Round 2 begins
Friday, June 1 - Shipping for Round 2 begins as payments are received/cleared
Monday, June 4 - Invoicing for Round 3 begins
Friday, June 8 - Shipping for Round 3 begins
Monday, June 11 - Invoicing for Round 4 begins
Friday, June 14 - Shipping for Round 4 begins
Monday, June 17 - Invoicing for Round 5 begins
Friday, June 21 - Shipping for Round 5 begins
Saturday, June 22 - Tentative Etsy Opening 
Friday, June 28 - BroNYcon! Come visit me in the Artist Alley!

Once the convention is said and done, all the remaining stock will be put up on Etsy with due notice. Please note! This schedule is giving me time and flexibility should any delays come up! If the next round of supplies is ready to go, the next round of invoicing will begin! 

To give you an idea of what these "Rounds" mean, they are all the orders received into groups of 100. 
Round 1 ends at order 100, placed on 5/1/2012 at 9:51:17
Round 2 ends at order 200, placed on 5/1/2012 at 20:01:53
Round 3 ends at order 300, placed on 5/3/2012 at 1:07:34
Round 4 ends at order 400, placed on 5/15/2012 at 1:52:17
Round 5 includes all orders placed after order 400. 

As always, if you have any question feel free to email me or contact me through Etsy or Facebook!

Now for some fun things! 
The most popular item was the Full Size Collection!
The most popular individual polish was 20% Cooler!
The most popular Chrono Cross polish was Frozen Flame!
The most popular Sakura Matsuri polish was Koi Pond!

And here's a look at the new 7ml bottles!

A Little Kindness, 7ml

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Equestria Nail Art Contest - Blogger Edition!

Ready for something different?

I recruited some of our favorite bloggers to participate in a Nail Art Contest inspired by Equestria and My Little Pony! 
The winner of the contest will be receiving a full size set of The Equestria Collection and two additional winners will be receiving mini sets! 

Contest voting will run from now until May 27 11:59 PM EST. 

Please fill out the form here to vote or click here to like your favorite entry on Facebook!

Voters can vote for as many entries as they wish, but only one vote per entry per method. So if Rainbow Honey was your favorite entry, you could vote once here and like my picture once on Facebook. If you love two entries, you can vote for both, just following the same guidelines. Please note an email address or Facebook account is required to vote and multiple votes on the same email address for the same entry will be discarded. Open to all participants 18 years or older or those with parental permission. No purchase required. 

Entry: Delight In Nails
Jessie Says: I had a blast doing this. Thanks for giving me the chance!

Karine Says: I was inspired by Rarity! Thank you for doing this, it was much fun participating!

Entry: Galactic Lacquer
GL Says: I kept it pretty simple, and went for the cutie marks on five different ponies. My thumb is Rarity, my index is Applejack, my middle is Rainbow Dash, my ring is Fluttershy, and my pinky is Pinkie Pie. I thought that the pinky finger was only fitting for that! Read more about her art here!

Entry: Quite Polished
QP Says: I wish I could have just done them all on one hand but there are six main ponies and I only have 5 fingers!

Entry: A Lacquered Affair |
LA Says: Twilight Sparkle is missing from this batch. Wish I had a sixth finger (then again, not). Plus, she's the main protagonist of the show. Here's a promise: if I win this contest, I'll do a full mani/ nail art inspired by Twilight Sparkle! Pinkie promise ;) Read more about her art here!

Entry: Marci's Nails
Marci Says: I picked Rainbow Dash to be my main inspiration for this. She is one of my favorite ponies! Read more here!

Entry: Kyoti's Nails
Kyoti Says: Applejack would be proud! Read more here!

Entry: Ashley Is Polish Addicted 
Ashley Says: I used Rainbow Dash as my inspiration. :)

Entry: Beauty-Shoes-Nails-Fun
Yoha Says: All free hand used 14 different polishes :)

Entry: Pixel Polish |
Pixel Says: I got inspired by Megasweet's mane six wallpapers. They were simplistic and beautiful. I wanted to paint all of them, but I'd have four nails left blank! So I wanted to include Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Spike and Derpy. Read more here!

Entry: Denny's Digits
Victoria Says: I love rainbows & I've had this idea in my head for a rainbow mani & I finally decided on doing it... Read more here!

Entry: My Nail Polish Obsession |
Jen Says: I really liked the “brand” on the ponies rear end and how animated, yet pretty the eyes are.  So I decided to capture both of those things on my nails.  Then because they are horses I did a good luck horseshoe on my pinky. Read more here!

Entry: NailBlog.Net |
Christina Says: These are my natural nails and I insisted on using strictly nail polish and a paintbrush. Read more here!

Entry: Mega Nailattude |
Angel Says: I spent days on this mani because I wanted to make sure it was perfect. Thumb: My Little Pony Logo, Index Finger: Custom made Rainbow Honey Pony, Middle Finger: Fluttershy, Ring Finger: Twilight Sparkle, Pinky: Cutie Marks.

Entry: Kat Hearts Nails |
Kat Says: I used Sally Hansen Presto Pink as my base color/Pinkie Pie body.  Then I used China Glaze Ahoy for the tips/mane.  The balloons were done with dotting tools and Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow/Zoya Jo.  Read more here!

Entry: Pointless Cafe |
PC Says: Inspired by Twilight Sparkle

Entry: Fynn and Pokey |
F&P Says: Inspired by Princess Celestia’s mane and tail in DeviantArtist dreampaw’s portfolio, this delicate design started off with a white base color, then many pastel colors were sponged and brushed on, and finally a white jelly polish (Essie Marshmallow) was applied to give it a milky watercolor effect.

Entry: Captivating Claws |
Jodi Says:  I water-marbled the index, middle, and pinky and free-handed the rainbows and clouds on my ring and thumb.  :)  

Entry: Manicurity |
Emma Says: This is Rainbow Dash :) Each nail is a different part of her - her eye, hair, wing, cutie mark, and more hair. I picked Rainbow Dash because I’ve always loved rainbows; when I was little I would write each line of each letter of my name with a different crayon.

Entry: The Polish Well |
Mich Says: I’ve thought really long and hard about the designs and I decided that the only way to include all the ponies (I love them all!) is to do a simple stripes design with all their colors. It also shows how the colors of one pony lead nicely to that of another ;) [From thumb to pinkie: Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Applejack] The stripes are also topped with one coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust for that extra magical sparkle! Read more here!

Entry: PrettyPolishPlease |
Katie Says: I gave it a go, even though free hand art is definitely not my strong point! Read more here!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Equestria Collection - Swatches, Part 1

I love wearing my nail polishes as much as I enjoy making them. Here are the first three Equestria Collection polishes on my very own nails!

Pinkie Promise over Illamasqua Collide
Thoughts: The yellow/gold shimmer in this polish really comes through on anything darker than the pink base it's in, so I would prefer to layer this one over itself or lighter shades like a soft pink or white.

20% Cooler over (L-R) Revlon Pink Chiffon, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Lightening, Sally Hansen Limestone, Color Club Factory Girl.
Thoughts: Looks cute over bright colors! I love a matte top coat over CC Factory Girl for the true Rainbow Dash effect! See here:

See? CC Factory Girl is almost the perfect blue!

The Worst Possible Thing over Zoya Ibiza
Thoughts: This is maybe a thicker coat than I would normally wear, but it is so complex and really difficult to stop admiring. I haven't had sunlight since putting this one on, so the pictures are in artificial light (top) and cloudy light. The macro shot is of my ring finger - doesn't it look awesome?

My sister stole my bottle of A Little Kindness, so maybe we can expect swatches of that one soon! I'll get to wearing the other two sometime this week. And look for a special blog post tomorrow... :D

Thursday, May 3, 2012

FAQ's for the week of May 2

Equestria Collection Pre-Orders:

Did you get my order? If you saw the confirmation page after you submitted, yes, I received your order. If you have any doubts or concerns, please contact me however you prefer with your name and email address you used on the order form.

Can I make changes to my order? Certainly! Just email me with the contact information you used to create your order and the changes you need to make.

How long will the pre-order period last? The pre-ordering period for this collection will last until May 15.

When will I get my invoice? When your order is ready to ship! Production will begin after pre-orders have closed, this means I hope to start invoicing and shipping 1-2 weeks (at the latest) after May 15.

How are you invoicing? I will be sending invoices directly through Paypal. If you did not provide your Paypal email address, don't worry, when you click through from your email you will be asked to log in and can use your Paypal address then.

Special super top secret polish? Yes! There are 2 secret shades with this collection; they will be gifted to orders for the full size collection (this will probably be a mini of each, but a full size of just one is also a possibility - TBD!) and revealed in June. They will also be available in limited quantities later in June.

I am on a no buy :( Will these be available again? OF COURSE! Right now, the polishes of the Sakura Matsuri Collection are the only seasonal items, and if I plan to discontinue something or not offer it again it will be announced well in advance. At this time, the only unavailable polish is Lunairetic as it is being reformulated.

I'm a blogger and I am super interested in your collection! Please fill out this form to be considered for future promotions and events :)

Where can I get Rainbow Honey polishes? Right now, they are only available through my Etsy shop and through pre-orders. Pre-orders will only run once per collection, prior to its release.

Did I miss some questions? Comment, email, and message away!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A look at The Equestria Collection

Pre-orders are going on now - just click on the tab in the header!

Now for a look at the ponies --- sorry, I mean polishes, in this collection!

20% Cooler - Inspired by Rainbow Dash
A shimmery, sheer, light blue base with a veritable rainbow of glitter. 
It will make any old manicure at least 20% cooler.

A Little Kindness - Inspired by Fluttershy
Rose, white, gold, and soft green glitters float in a delicate and soft yellow base with an iridescent pink shimmer.

The Element of Magic - Inspired by Twilight Sparkle
Several shades of purple and pink glitter, some holographic, some iridescent, and a sprinkling of fairy dust all in a shimmery purple base with a magical blue shift.

Hoof-wrassle - Inspired by Applejack
Comprised of a shimmery copper orange base, reminiscent of those nights out in Mane-hattan. Studded with gold and copper, orange hex's and squares, and a sprinkling of iridescent and holographic glitters, this polish loves to sparkle in the sun.

Pinkie Promise - Inspired by Pinkie Pie
Fun and shimmery pink base filled with hexes and bars in magenta, light blue, and gold, this polish calls for a party!

The Worst Possible Thing - Inspired by Rarity
A sheer layering polish, jewel encrusted just as Rarity would endorse and shimmering with flakies in purple and blue and a multitude of holographic and iridescent glitters.

For more swatches and pictures, please check the Equestria Collection album on Facebook