Thursday, May 3, 2012

FAQ's for the week of May 2

Equestria Collection Pre-Orders:

Did you get my order? If you saw the confirmation page after you submitted, yes, I received your order. If you have any doubts or concerns, please contact me however you prefer with your name and email address you used on the order form.

Can I make changes to my order? Certainly! Just email me with the contact information you used to create your order and the changes you need to make.

How long will the pre-order period last? The pre-ordering period for this collection will last until May 15.

When will I get my invoice? When your order is ready to ship! Production will begin after pre-orders have closed, this means I hope to start invoicing and shipping 1-2 weeks (at the latest) after May 15.

How are you invoicing? I will be sending invoices directly through Paypal. If you did not provide your Paypal email address, don't worry, when you click through from your email you will be asked to log in and can use your Paypal address then.

Special super top secret polish? Yes! There are 2 secret shades with this collection; they will be gifted to orders for the full size collection (this will probably be a mini of each, but a full size of just one is also a possibility - TBD!) and revealed in June. They will also be available in limited quantities later in June.

I am on a no buy :( Will these be available again? OF COURSE! Right now, the polishes of the Sakura Matsuri Collection are the only seasonal items, and if I plan to discontinue something or not offer it again it will be announced well in advance. At this time, the only unavailable polish is Lunairetic as it is being reformulated.

I'm a blogger and I am super interested in your collection! Please fill out this form to be considered for future promotions and events :)

Where can I get Rainbow Honey polishes? Right now, they are only available through my Etsy shop and through pre-orders. Pre-orders will only run once per collection, prior to its release.

Did I miss some questions? Comment, email, and message away!


  1. I am so excited about this collection and I am really grateful for your reply to my pm earlier. New to the blogging world and these are my 1st indie polishes. Can't wait! xo

  2. These look so gorgeous, I want to try all the shades ^_^ I can't wait, xoxo Christine

  3. I sent an etsy convo to you, I wasn't sure what best method of contact was then noticed that the Etsy shop says to come to the blog. Would you please convo me back or send email to cutsie(at) thanks so much!

    1. Hi Jen! Just replied on Etsy - if you ever need to get in touch, email is always the fastest: