Friday, June 1, 2012

Shipping Updates and Growing Pains

Hi everyone! Happy June! Hope everyone had a wonderful week - it has been an incredibly busy one here!

Round 1 Status - We are aiming to have Round 1 all out the door by tomorrow (Saturday, 6/2) and have been working round the clock to accomplish this. The average number of polishes per order in Round 1 was between 7 and 8 and more than half of these ordered the entire Equestria Collection! I am SO excited to be sending out so many secret polishes!

Can you see those secret polishes in the back?!

Round 2 Status - I am not done invoicing Round 2 as of this morning, I hope to fix that today! So if you haven't received an invoice, don't worry - they are coming! Round 2 shipments will begin going out on Monday, and hopefully this will catch us up to the original schedule for the remaining rounds:

Monday, June 4 - Invoicing for Round 3 begins
Friday, June 8 - Shipping for Round 3 begins
Monday, June 11 - Invoicing for Round 4 begins
Friday, June 14 - Shipping for Round 4 begins
Monday, June 17 - Invoicing for Round 5 begins
Friday, June 21 - Shipping for Round 5 begins

As always - feel free to contact me regarding your orders and shipments:

We've implemented a lot of changes this week with the hopes of speeding up production and filling - some more exciting than others. For one, most of Round 1 will notice the new Rainbow Honey labels:

Aren't they pretty? I know I'm excited about them! One step closer to my dream of foil printing on the bottles! Another change that seemed like a given at the time was outsourcing my signature boxes - that one didn't work out! I was so excited about this and in the end the mass produced boxes were just not up to my standards. So we continue to make them in house and assemble them by hand, one by one.

And that's what's been going on around here. I look forward to feedback from those of you receiving your orders this week! And I think there was a consensus on Facebook that seeing the secret polishes will only build excitement - but some form of tagging posts or pictures with a *spoiler* alert would be appreciated. I won't be posting pictures yet, but I can tell you I am in love with both of them. Maybe I'll release the names some time next week...


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  2. Oh I'm very excited about these! Reckon I'm round 4 or 5 so need to save my pennies til then xo

  3. The new labels look great, although the old ones were lovely, too! :) And those boxes absolutely remain some of the most creative packaging I've seen--indie or otherwise!