Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shipping Updates and Nearing the Finish Line

Our adorable 7ml bottles waiting to be filled!
Hi everyone! I'm so glad to say 95% of Round 3 is out the door. Our glitter issue with Koi Pond and The God of Destiny was certainly a curveball but replacements have been going out and shipping resumed this past weekend! Just wanted to mention that I will be auditing all the invoices sent out thus far, and reminders for unpaid invoices will be sent out this week. All unpaid invoices will be canceled on 6/25 unless you have made prior arrangements - generally done by contacting me.

With that, we are also done invoicing and if you feel you were skipped over, please contact me immediately! There may have been a misspelling in your email address - or you may have forgotten to provide one entirely! (It happens!)

Round 1 Status: Shipped; if you paid on time and have not received your order, please contact me. KP and TGoD replacements have also shipped.

Round 2 Status: Shipped; if you paid on time and have not received your order, please contact me. 90% of KP and TGoD replacements have shipped, a few internationals will go out later this week.

Round 3 Status: 95% of paid invoices have shipped. If you need more time to pay or would like to cancel your order, please get in touch.

Round 4 Status: All invoices have gone out and shipping has started. If you have not received your invoice (they were sent last week) please contact me.

Round 5 has been included with Round 4  for invoicing and shipping and the same status applies.

All in all, it is a shipping marathon from now until the last package goes out. I'll try to keep things updated on Facebook, but definitely look out for a new blog post later this week full of announcements - some of which I am very excited about! Cliff hanger? Maybe. But the week is half over already, so you won't be left waiting for too long!

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  1. Hi! I want to know if you delivery to Brazil? Beacause I'm brazilian and I want one of your perfect nail polishes :3