Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Layering Rainbow Honey Polishes

I wanted to show off a manicure I sported recently! 

First, I started off with one thin layer of Ephemeral on my nails, with black on my ring finger for an accent:

Next, I did one layer of Celestia over each nail:

Isn't the shimmer in Celestia astounding? 
Finally, I topped it off with a matte top coat! It really makes the shimmer and flakes more visible!

Unsatisfied with the range of light and color in the above photo, I did the only sensible thing and made an HDR composite picture of my nails. How's that for color?

I don't think I like my fingers with so much dynamic range, but it was a fun idea! With Chrono Cross coming back soon, there are going to be so many more layering opportunities, so stay tuned!