Monday, January 14, 2013

Mani Monday: "The Worst Possible Thing"

I saw "The Worst Possible Thing" from our Equestria Collection land on several Top of 2012 lists! How exciting is that! I thought that would be a good polish to start off our Mani Mondays, where I'll show you fun and exciting ways to use Rainbow Honey polishes.

Products used: Rainbow Honey "TWPT" over A England "Order of the Garter"
How to achieve it: Start with a base coat and then 2-3 coats of Order of the Garter. For the pictured coverage, two thin coats of TWPT is what you want. Using thin coats let's you build up the glittery goodness without giving it a chunky texture. 

And a macro for depth!

Products used: Rainbow Honey "TWPT" over OPI "Congeniality Is My Middle Name"
How to achieve it: Start with a base coat; 2 coats of Congeniality was plenty opaque and one thin coat of TWPT, with one thick coat of "XOXO" on the ring finger. TWPT really brought out the purple tones in Congeniality while XOXO gives it a nice gold shimmer finish.

Products used: Rainbow Honey "TWPT" over Illamasqua "Muse"
How to achieve it: Start with a base coat; 1 thick coat of Muse is opaque on its own, but can be a bit runny. I used two coats here and 1 coat of TWPT with on coat of "Sakura Matsuri" on my ring finger. 

Sakura Matsuri definitely makes Muse a bit more spring-y...

Products used: Rainbow Honey "TWPT" over Rainbow Honey "Be Mine"
How to achieve it: Start with a base coat; I used 2 coats of Be Mine (from our upcoming Sweet Talk Collection!) and a thin coat of TWPT. Be Mine can be a little salmon-y on some skin tones, topping it with TWPT was a great way to add more of a blue hue. 

Products used: Rainbow Honey "TWPT" over China Glaze "White on White"
How to achieve it: Start with a base coat; white cremes can be a bit streaky, so 2-3 coats should cover your bases. I used one thin coat of TWPT and some hand placed diamond glitter on my ring finger. Do you think Rarity would be proud? 

So there you have it! The Worst Possible Thing works in many combinations, I particularly love it over blue and I've seen it look amazing over dark purples too! (Think along the lines of Illamasqua Baptiste!)

I'm already at work on the next series of swatches, but I'll be putting up a poll on Facebook to let you voice which polishes you would like to see used next! Feel free to make suggestions in the comments here as well!