Monday, February 11, 2013

Mani Monday - Galaxy Nails

Enlarge for better viewing!
Materials Used: Orly "Liquid Vinyl", Rainbow Honey "The God of Destiny", Cult Nails "Tempest", Zoya "Song", OPI "Congeniality is My Middle Name", China Glaze "Fairy Dust", Poshe Topcoat, Martha Stewart fine craft glitter in "Crystal"; Size 0 round brush; makeup sponge cut into halves;

Step 1: Start with clean nails; paint base coat and when dry coat with your favorite black.
Step 2: Paint one coat of "The God of Destiny" and let dry.
Step 3: Sponge "Tempest" (or any other opaque white) in the general shape you will want to color. Using white first will allow the other colors to pop!
Tip: When you pick up some color with your sponge, dab the excess off before dabbing on the nail.
Step 4: Fill in most of your white area by sponging on "Song".
Step 5: While still wet, lightly sponge on "Congeniality..." on the edges and as an accent to your tastes.
Step 6: I filled in with a bit more "TGoD" around the edges, but this is optional!
Step 7: With a fine brush or dotting tool add some white specks over your colors.
Step 8: When everything has dried, add a thin coat of clear polish or topcoat; then gently sprinkle some of the crystal glitter on top.
Step 9: When dry, top off with a coat of "Fairy Dust" for some nice holographic sparkle! Seal with a top coat if desired and you're done!

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