Sunday, June 24, 2012

An End + A Beginning

What's coming to an end, you ask? The Equestria Collection pre-orders! Rounds 4 and 5 are slowly making their way out the door, along with some earlier orders that just recently paid. On that note, I want to remind everyone that if you have not contacted me in advance, reminders for open invoices will be sent today and tomorrow and on 6/26/12  all open invoices will be canceled. If you have special circumstances preventing you from paying by tomorrow, please get in touch and let us know.

And now for the beginning of something new:

If you have visited recently, you may have noticed it no longer redirects to the blog! It may not look very exciting right now - but June 30 is around the corner and I can't wait to show you all our new website! (Please note, there is NO password available and this is the only means of keeping the store closed.) This does mean we are moving off Etsy for the time being, but I think this will be a step in the right direction for Rainbow Honey. No cart-jacking, no hold times, no constant refreshing - except maybe nearing midnight on June 29 - how many of you will be lined up to watch the opening? :)

I will have more information on the website, and a few sneak peeks later this week. In the meanwhile, I want to invite all of you who have tried polishes from The Equestria Collection to chime in with swatches and pictures of your manicures! Please email any pictures you would feel comfortable sharing on the website with the subject "TEC Swatch" and let me know how many coats and if you used a base color. We will provide credit, of course, and link back to your blog if you have one. I can't promise we will use every single picture, but there will be plenty of ways to share pictures and discuss the polishes on the website once it launches! 

Finally, we are less than 1 week away from BronyCon at the Meadowlands Expo Center
I hope you are as excited about this show as I am, we have spent a long time preparing for this and there are definitely a few surprises in store this week... 


  1. I feel like I will be one of those in line and spend way more money than I should. =P

  2. Oh yippie!! So happy for you & your progress. I love it when nice women succeed!

  3. I can't wait!! I will SO be one of those people lined up! I've been watching my polish budget cuz I knew I wanted to buy some Rainbow Honey at the end of June! :)

  4. I'm so happy for you and am excited to see the new site. .... most of all, I'm so happy that I'm going to be able to make a purchase or two next month :-) Wishing you tons of luck in all of your future business dealings. ... I love it when nice things happen to nice people :-)