Friday, October 12, 2012

The Yokai Collection

The Limited Edition Yokai Collection - inspired by some of my favorite mythical creatures - releases tomorrow, October 13th. They'll go live at 12:01 AM EST for you night owls!

"Kawako" is our interpretation of the Kappa, depicted as everything from a water sprite to a river demon. Erring on the gentler side, "Kawako" is full of gorgeous silver and ice blue shimmer, with the occasional iridescent blue flake.  

"Kawako really grew on me. I liked it when I first put it on, but absolutely loved it by the time I took it off nearly three days later." -Chelsea @ Nailed Blog
"I am head over heels for this polish! It is hard for me to find many deep blue polishes that I like very well but this is absolutely gorgeous." -Marci @ Marci's Nails
"...If you love and crave Starry Starry Night, this might just fill that lemming." -Pointless Cafe

"Kitsune" can refer to your ordinary red fox, but our "Kitsune" is a glorious nine-tailed creature: fiery, wise, and absolutely gorgeous. In a cream base full of gold shimmer and flecks you will find an array of glitter in a bonfire palette, ready to spark a fire in your heart. 
"It's like fall in a bottle!  I LOVE it!" -The Lacquerologist
"SO SUPER STUNNING... It glided onto my nails, as well. It needed only 2 coats, and it is indeed magical!" -Taneja @ Taneja's Bride
" It's definitely one of the most unique polishes I've worn in recent memory. I really, really love this one!" -Chelsea @ Nailed
Let's be honest, Oni are generally depicted as wicked and hideous. Our "Oni" may be wicked and supernatural, but with its myriad of glass flecks and multi-chromatic shimmer it is hard to call it hideous. In fact, the consensus seems to be that it is one of the most beautiful and intense polishes out there this fall!
"UGH I love it. It is PERFECT for fall." -Nat @ No Holos!
"Oni is fabulous... I love the fact that it is a two-coater." -Sparkly Vernis
"THIS ONE. THIIIIIS ONEEEE. This is one of the most beautiful, indescribable nail lacquers I've seen in a LONG time." -V @ Beauty Out Loud
You can click on any of the blog names to view their full reviews and swatches - look for a full round-up sometime this weekend! So, which do you like? Will you be picking any up this weekend?